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To learn more about the refugee crisis, the vetting process, where, how and what others are doing to welcome refugees, we suggest the following links to news reports, human interest stories and feature articles, websites of the State Department and other government agencies and humanitarian organizations at the forefront of refugee resettlement.

Facts & Stats

General Information on Refugees: Refugee Council USA

Learning More About Refugees: Cultual Orientation Resource Center

Quick facts from the UNHCR

The Refugee Processing Center 

State Department Bureau of Population, Refugees & Migration

#FactsMatter: Facts about Immigrants 

Fact Sheet on Immigrants

Vetting/Screening Of Refugees

Security Screenings of Refugees Admitted to the United States

How the US Screens Syrian Refugees

The Refugee Resettlement Process: USCRI

Best Practices for Community Welcoming Models

Integrated Refugee & Immigrant Services (IRIS) Connecticut

Welcoming America 

Church World Service - Welcoming a Refugee

Ways to Welcome Refugees

Resettlement News & Stories: Refugee Families And Their Communities Across The Country

Toronto Suddenly Has a New Craving: Syrian Food by David Sax, NYTimes, January 12, 2018

In praise of refugee chefs: They came from Syria, but they represent an American ideal   December 7, 2017

Tracking the Refugee Ban   JUL 18, 2017 Gabe Cahn,

"Hello Neighbor" Builds Cultural Bridges for Refugees in Pittsburgh, August 5, 2017

This small town in America's Deep South welcomes 1,500 refugees a year, Katy Long, 05/24/2017

'I'll Take any Job': These Syrian Refugees Are Struggling to Find Work in America, Willa Frej, 03/30/2017

Syrian Refugees to be Resettled in the Hudson Valley10/26/16

Syrian Refugees In Connecticut, A Helping Hand From Private Volunteers By Deborah Amos, 10/30/16

New York Church Answers Bishop’s Call to Assist Refugees  By Linnet Tsem, 08/15/2016

Connecticut Set to Take In Record Number of Refugees By Lori Mack, 08/16/2016

#RefugeesWelcome: Finding Safety After Being Stranded by Syrian War    By Sana Mustafa, New York City, New York

Ridgefield Group Solicits Support For Refugee Resettlement   By Tom Renner 08/09/2016

Syrian Refugees Take Root in Tri-State Area  By Kate King, 08/05/2016, WSJ

U.S. Poised to Hit Goal of Welcoming 10,000 Syrian Refugees  by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS, 08/05/2016

How Swedes Took a Refugee Crisis Into Their Own Hands by TakePart, 10/03/16

Adopt-a-refugee plan under consideration by Obama administration by Bloomberg, 10/04/16

How to Make It As A Refugee In America, by FastCo, 09/13/16

Yara, My Friend From Syria, by Alhan Rahimi

Cornwall Refugee Group Raises Thousands to Settle Syrian RefugeesThe Guardian

Humanitarian Organizations & Government Resettlement Agencies

NY State Bureau of Refugee and Immigrant Assistance (BRIA) 

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)  - Refugee Processing and Security Screening

Cultural Orientation Center

Welcoming America (The Office of Refugee Resettlement)

Catholic Charities Community Services (CCCS)

Hebrew Immigrant Aide Society (HIAS)

Church World Service

The International Institute of Connecticut

Integrated Refugee and Immigrant Services (IRIS)  (Connecticut)

The National Refugee Resettlement And Immigrant Assistance Database

Why The U.S. Should Welcome Refugees

Veterans for American Ideals 

REPORT JUNE 2017 From Struggle to Resilience The Economic Impact of Refugees in America, New American Economy

TED Talk: "The refugee crisis is a test of our character" (David Miliband)

For U.S. veteran, compassion for refugees is key to genuine securityJoanne Levine, May 26, 2017

Catholic Charities: In Solidarity with Immigrants and Refugees 

Catholic Charities: Welcoming and Integrating Immigrants and Refugees 

Immigrants and Refugees Add to the American FabricDecember 8, 2016

National Security Voices on Refugee Resettlement,  Human Rights, first Fact Sheet

Letter To Editor: Larchmont Rector Defends Church's Helping Refugees by Father Joe Greene, 07/27/2016

Cardinal-Designate Tobin Makes Case for Welcoming Syrian Refugees by Michael O'Loughlin, 10/16/16


What They Took With Them

Salaam Neighbor

Pelham Picture House Documentary on Hearts and Homes for Refugees


Veterans for American Ideals  - Scott Cooper, Former Marine,"Veterans for American Ideals is a nonpartisan group of veterans who share a belief that America is strongest and most secure when its policies and actions match its ideals....Duty and service is the ultimate American Ideal...commitment to service never stops."

For U.S. veteran, Scott Cooper, compassion for refugees is key to genuine securityJoanne Levine, May 26, 2017

Here’s What It’s Like To Lobby For Refugee Lives: Texas lawmakers haven’t been that friendly to refugees. Advocates are trying to change their minds. by Elise Foley, HuffPost Jun 23, 2017