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Volunteer Opportunities with HHR Partners


Catholic Charities Community Service (CCCS)

Catholic Charities Community Service is one of the nine government approved resettlement agencies in the United States. CCCS has recently opened an office Westchester, enabling local organizations like Hearts and Homes for Refugees (and others) to join as partners co-sponsoring refugees. Besides co-sponsorship opportunities, there are other ways to get involved and volunteer with CCCS.

CCCS website:

CCCS Volunteer page:

Facebook: Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New York

Family to Family - Donate a Monthly Gift Card for Groceries 

Westchester County-based Family to Family's Refugee Sponsorship Program helps families and individuals that have arrived throughout the the U.S. seeking asylum. As they rebuild their lives, start jobs and enroll in school, your sponsorship will provide the family with a week’s worth of groceries each month. Contact Pam Kroner at Family to Family.  

Greater NYC Families for Syria, (GNYC4Syria)

GNYC4Syria remarkably developed from a single Facebook post into a volunteer group of over 2,500 people from the tri-state area. On their Facebook page,  GNYC4Syria identifies and shares meaningful volunteer opportunities in support of local refugees as well as the global refugee crisis. Join their Facebook page devoted to aiding refugees through social media outreach. Contact: Amber Lewis,, Tel. 847.274.5017, GNYC4S: Facebook: Greater NYC Families for Syria


HIas is one of nine state department approved Resettlement Agencies. In 2017, HIAS opened an office in White Plains, and has partnered with eight host organizations in resettling refugees.  HIAS has been a leader in defending the Refugee Program and advocating for refugees.  For more about HIAS and opportunities to support their work please visit their website.

HIAS website:

Facebook: Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society

Hello Neighbor 

Hello Neighbor is a Pittsburgh based mentorship program that matches neighbors with refugee families.  Visit the site for more information about starting a Hello Neighbor program in your community.  Our Booster Program is modeled on Hello Neighbor.

Integrated Refugee & Immigrant Services (IRIS)

Integrated Refugee and Immigrant Services (IRIS) helps refugees and other displaced people establish new lives, regain hope, and contribute to the vitality of Connecticut's communities.  IRIS accomplishes works in New Haven and over forty other communities throughout Connecticut.  IRIS also promotes its community co-sponsorship model beyond Connecticut in hopes that many more communities will have the joy of personally welcoming and working with refugees in their hometowns.  

Volunteers and organizations in Westchester County are working with IRIS and their refugees in meaningful ways. Learn more about their programs and how you and your faith group, neighbors, family or civic/social groups can get involved with support of a family or an IRIS program. Contact:  Ann O'Brien, Director of Community Engagement

NuDay Syria

NuDay Syria is a New England-based organization that provides aid to displaced Syrians abroad, with special regard for Syrian women and girls amidst the crisis. Communities that partner with them hold local donation drives for goods which are sent to Syria in on container ships.

In October, 2017, Hearts and Homes for Refugees collected urgently needed supplies for the Syrian people. Thanks to generous neighbors, 25,000 lbs of goods were collected, sorted and packed for delivery to an awaiting container in New Hampshire. The donations collected throughout New England were shipped with the aid NuDay Syria whose 'boots on the ground' in Syria provide access and appropriate distribution in this war-torn country. The container arrived in Turkey and made the final leg of the trip into northern Syria where donations were distributed to displaced Syrians in refugees in camps and hospitals. 

In addition to Container Drives, NuDay Syria provides education and other on-site services in Syria.  Learn more about ways to support their overseas efforts. NuDay Syria Website: . On Facebook: 

If you are interested in conducting a container drive in your community contact NuDay Syria and feel free to borrow from HHR's planning and execution manual  Pelham to Syria Winter Donations. For more on our story, read here: HHR/NuDay Syria Winter Donations Drive.

Needs List

The United States has an aid system in need of aid! Our current institutions can't keep up with the rapidly increasing demand for people displaced by conflict and climate change.  NeedsList addresses the need for innovation in the humanitarian sector with a marketplace connecting local NGOs with individual and corporate donors.  NGOs in the field can list itemized needs for goods, services, or donations in real time.  Donors can immediately meet needs by purchasing directly from local suppliers on NeedsList, donating funds, and completing tasks. Contact: Natasha Friedus@needslist4good, +33 6 68 87 47 06, 

+1 (206) 201-2688. Skype: tashafr, Read about NeedsList in  Forbes and the Philadelphia Inquirer. Meet this week's urgent needs here. 

Sarah Lawrence College - Office of Community Partnerships

Sarah Lawrence College Office of Community Partnerships is part of a Consortium of Colleges (Bard and Vassar) whose curriculum and campus activities, students and professors explore the worldwide refugee crisis and the humanitarian efforts to address solutions.  

To learn more contact Mara Gross, or Janet Reilly,

Save the Syrian Children

Save the Syrian Children has the simple mission of saving as many women and children trapped by the war. They do this by sending life-saving medical aid to the hardest hit areas of the conflict. Partnering with a vetted network of doctors on the ground, Save the Syrian Children compiles lists of needs and fulfills these by going directly to factories and manufacturers in China. IIn-kind donations are also accepted from the United States. By carving a safe corridor into Syria, goods arrive in the hands of doctors in the provinces of Idlib and Aleppo (Northern Syria) and in Quneitra and Daraa (Southern Syria). 
Since the first shipment left the port of Shanghai in March, 2017, Save the Syrian Children has delivered over 1 million units of medical supplies, totaling over $29 million dollars. Save the Syrian Children is run by volunteers only with zero overhead costs.

Students for Refugees (SFR)

SFR is a network of 20 schools (and growing) that has been the dynamic force for tapping into students’ uncanny ability to bring about change. Their three main projects are: Resettlement, Advocacy and Education, and a large fundraising campaign to establish a refugee school in Jordan. SFR provides American students with a direct path to deliver aid in this humanitarian crisis.  SFR hopes to add new student members and to build more chapters in high schools. Contact: Axel Ahdritz, , or email:

Welcome Home

Welcome Home is a volunteer group in Jersey City, NJ that partners with their local resettlement agency,  Church World Service to support arriving refugees.  If you live in the area and have time or donations to offer, contact Welcome Home or go to Church World Service

PARTNERS In the Grassroots Movement

American Muslim Women's Association (AMWA)

AMWA has been a partner to various co-sponsor and host organizations in Westchester County and is devoted to understanding Islam and the status of women within the religion. AMWA’s mission is to promote the values of Islam and increase community awareness by organizing various educational, social and intellectual forums in New York, as well as serve the community by mitigating domestic violence and organizing awareness programs. CONTACT: Fozia Khan at , or  Mara Gross, Director, Office of Community Partnerships at Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, NY. Email:, or Janet Reilly, Director of Refugee Initiatives,

“Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it.”

Helen Keller