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Advocating for Refugees

 Advocacy   Advocating For Refugees 

World Refugee Day through Welcoming Week Advocacy Campaign

Advocating for refugee resettlement programs is vital to effectively respond to the greatest refugee crisis in human history. Resettlement agencies and refugee organizations are being forced to close offices with budgets slashings.  Reducing the number of refugees allowed into this county will only worsen the global humanitarian crisis.

Join us as we let our legislators at federal, state and local levels know that you are a humanitarian and American who believes in welcoming refugees.

Between the United Nations-sponsored World Refugee Day (6.20.18)) and Welcoming Week 2018(September 14-23), 2018, HHR is sponsoring an Advocacy campaign for the WRI network.

To learn more, and to receive a Toolkit for the postcard and electronic Advocacy campaign, contact Put TOOLKIT in subject.

We are looking for those volunteers with experience or interest in spearheading and participating in advocacy.  Email:

Advocate for Syrian Refugees

Ask your Member of Congress to stand up for Syrian refugees: Advocating for Syrian Refugees.   

Urge ALL your representatives to designate more funding to aid Syrians and advocate for increased numbers of Syrian refugees allowed into the United States.

Advocate for Special Immigrant Visa Refugees

As of Spring 2017, there were approximately 60,000 Iraqi and 15,000 Afghan interpreters who had applied to resettle in the US, but only 1,437 visas were granted under the SIV Program and USRAP. 

Iraqi and Afghan translators risk their lives and the lives of their families to assist our troops. As a result, many have been living in hiding and in fear for years while they await their visas. If you or your community is interested in advocating for SIV's, check out No One Left Behind and Veterans for American Ideals.  Please contact these organizations, and write your legislators expressing support for SIV cases.

Thank you for standing up on behalf of individuals and families fleeing violence and persecution. Below are instructions for supporting our advocacy campaign with postcards and a petition.

Toolkit for Postcard Campaign 

We are happy to provide pre-labeled postcards for any event you might be planning. Please print out our short informational sheets with sample messages for sharing with concerned citizens. If people want to personalize their message that is great! Remember, the postcards should be:

  • Respectful (no matter how you feel about the policy!)
  • Handwritten (that is the most powerful)
  • With name and address (at a minimum, writers should include their name and zip code)
  • Don’t let your participants take the postcards home! The best way to ensure the postcards are actually sent is to put them in the mail yourself. Before dropping your postcards in the mail, be sure to count how many were completed and let us know by email at

Ideas for getting postcards signed:

  • Organize and host one big event to collect many signatures at once.
  • Invite six to ten friends to coffee or dinner and ask them to sign postcards. Have group members host a series of small events between World Refugee Day (June 20) and Welcoming Week (September 14-23).


Print out multiple copies of the petition to bring to any event and ask for signers. Citizens are encouraged to sign the petition AS WELL AS send postcards.

Please return the signed petitions to Hearts and Homes for Refugees.

We will send them to Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Carol Thompson O'Connell at the Bureau for Population, Refugees and Migration, with copies to President Trump, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen, as well as relevant Senators and Representatives in Congress.

If you really prefer to mail the petition yourself, please be sure to let us know that you’ve mailed it and how many signatures you were able to collect.