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How to You Can Get Involved 

Community Co-Sponsor/Host 

Momentum in support of refugees has been growing since 2015. One way that you can be in the solution to this humanitarian crisis, is to partner with a US government-approved resettlement agency as a co-sponsor or host organization.  

In Westchester County, public-private partnerships have involved ten all-volunteer groups who trained to work with either HIAS or Catholic Charities. Volunteers provide refugees with long-term support and effective assistance during their transition to life in America.  This takes some of the burdens off of stretched government resources.

If you are interested in joining a group or learning more about becoming part of a co-sponsor or host organization, contact either HIAS or Catholic Charities, our local resettlement agencies. Learn more about co-sponsorship here:  Community Co-Sponsorship


HHR Programs & Activities in 2018

Westchester Refugee Initiative

During this time of fierce debate about immigration policy, refugee bans and subsequent legal action, we expect a dip in resettlement cases and related funding in FY 2018. The opportunities for co-sponsorship may indeed be very few.

The challenge before us is to keep up the momentum for support of refugees recently resettled in the region. With input from the coalition of organizations and individuals throughout the network, HHR has created the Westchester Refugee Initiative (WRI), a program that offers innovative ways for communities and individual volunteers to remain involved. Read more about the exciting programs and volunteer opportunities.

Page: Get Involved / HHR Programs & Activities in 2018 

Volunteer Opportunities with HHR Partners

HHR has practiced and promotes the invaluable practice of networking with numerous and remarkably effective partners. Working together has proven time and again that we are stronger together and our work on behalf of refugees has greater reach and impact when we collaborate and reach out. For more on our partners and organizations whose focus and reach align or compliment the mission of HHR.

Page: Get Involved / Volunteer Opportunities with HHR Partners